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Rust 5 in 1 Nursing Scarf
Rust 5 in 1 Nursing Scarf
Rust 5 in 1 Nursing Scarf
Rust 5 in 1 Nursing Scarf
Rust 5 in 1 Nursing Scarf
Rust 5 in 1 Nursing Scarf

Rust 5 in 1 Nursing Scarf

A beautiful handmade nursing scarf made from the softest bamboo you will ever feel! These nursing scarves are super versatile and can be used un many different ways.

There are several ways to wear your scarf when nursing your little one.

  • Place the scarf over your head and drape around your neck as you would a normal scarf. Next decide which side you will be nursing on, place the scarf under the opposite arm to your nursing side. Place baby at the breast and latch. Use the scarf over your nursing shoulder to cover your baby to provide privacy and also limit any distractions.
  • Another way to nurse is to place the scarf covering both shoulders, place baby underneath the scarf and nurse in complete privacy. You can peek in through the top of the scarf to check in on your baby.

What other uses does my scarf have?

-impromptu blanket


-trolley cover

-Capsule cover

Please do not use your cover to carry your baby or use as a sling, the product has not been made with this intent in mind and would be unsafe.

Care instructions for your nursing scarf?

Please hand wash your scarf in cool water with a gentle detergent, or use the gentle cycle on your machine on cold setting with gentle detergent and place inside a delicates bag.
Dry flat in the shade, because this material has stretch if you hang it from the line it may stretch out of shape due to the weight of material when wet. You can iron with a medium setting but why bother since bamboo is wrinkle resistant! Just lay flat or fold nicely and the wrinkles will sort themselves out.

Approximately 74cm x 74cm