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Poppy and Daisy

We are so proud to be stocking Poppy and Daisy eco kits for children in our Launceston and online shop. They make the perfect, sustainable gift for childrens' birthdays and Christmas. 

Each kit is handmade right here in Australia.  


"At the heart of Poppy and Daisy Designs lies the desire to celebrate life’s special moments with mother nature in mind.

Just like you, we know sustainability is not a fad, but the future.


I had a lightbulb moment for eco-conscious gifts after hosting Poppy and Daisy’s birthday parties last year.
I was overwhelmed with plastic gifts piled up in our loungeroom, and it was so obvious – we need sustainable options for gifting. I got thinking about the alternatives on the market for 5 to 12 year-olds and my mind went blank, other that crafts.

I also cast my mind back to my childhood and realised it involved a lot less plastic, less technology and a lot more hands-on creativity, and imaginative nature play with our families enjoying the experience together.

I want to create similar experiences for Poppy, Daisy and other children – to inspire little creative minds.

You can read our story of how we started here when we were featured by My Brand Journey."