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Everything Is Connected

Everything Is Connected

A magical meditation on the powerful idea that we are connected to everything and everyone.

Everything is connected.
And since you are part of everything,
You are connected to everything.

You're connected to happy, connected to sad, to the past, to the future, and to all the thoughts you have had. From pharaohs, Ben Franklin, T. Rex, and ancient Greece to love, poverty, hunger, and peace-this magical story shows us the many unexpected ways we are all connected to everyone and everything.
Playful illustrations and funny, rhyming text show readers all of the many ways we are linked to every big, small, hairy, slimy, snuggly, scaly, floppy, flappy, bristly, buzzy, beautiful creature on Earth.

About the Author:
JASON GRUHL believes that all kids are smart, brave, kind, and creative, and he writes books to help them remember that. Originally from Minnesota, he lives in Colorado with his family. Jason looks for the connection in everything because it's always there . . . if you open your eyes.