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I Am Loved
I Am Loved

I Am Loved

Use crystals, combined with scented playdough, to calm children, settle their nerves, soothe their active minds, relax their bodies, nurture the whole child 
and create play opportunities where they can JUST BE.




*Rose Quartz*

Stone of the heart. Enhances unconditional love of all kinds, including kindness for yourself, loved ones and all living things. 

*Pink Grapefruit Zing*

The smell of grapefruit works dynamizing and refreshing, while promoting relaxation. Has an uplifting mood.


I am Loved- from our Mindful Playdough Collection INCLUDES :

* 100g all-natural nontoxic scented Pink Grapefruit Zing playdough, in an aluminium tin box
* Rose Quartz tumble stone, great for little hands
* Affirmation card

Unique and individually made, colours and scent may vary slightly. Given the nature of these stones, sizes are randomly picked and may vary.

To maximize durability, keep your playdough airtight in a cool and dark spot. 

WARNING: This set should be considered a choking hazard and is intended for children over age 3. Children should only use these materials under direct adult supervision.