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Self-Care Journal
Self-Care Journal

Self-Care Journal

So often we have the intent to journal daily. But how many of us do it? When we finally do get time to ourselves, sometimes we can't find the energy to sit down and journal everything that's happened in our day. This is where this beautiful journal can help... it doesn't require you to write lots of 'stuff' (even though it is a good practice to write all your 'stuff' often). This journal helps you to quickly check in with yourself at the beginning and the end of each day. 

It starts out with setting an intention for the day - an incredibly powerful way to begin the day. And then you can write down how long you slept (or didn't sleep) for, any dreams or notes etc.

At the end of your day you check in again; what have you eaten? Have you had enough water? Exercise? Other activities? How do you feel? What did you find relaxing and fun, and what was stressful or tough? Kind things you did for yourself during the day... and your mood? How was it when you woke up, and what is it like now? 

Setting a simple intention as we wake up; ie: "My intention today is to find the light in all situations" and then checking in at the end of each day is so simple, and yet, can be so powerful. Once you form a habit of using your journal, you may start to find that you become more conscious of how much water you're drinking, what you actually are eating and how you can be a bit kinder to yourself. 

This would be a beautiful gift not only to yourself, but also amazing to receive as a baby shower gift.